Do you need to repair your bike but don’t know how? Or maybe you don’t have the right tools at hand? Then visit us at Cykelk√∂ket!

Assisted Do-It-Yourself Service

Our volunteers offer free help with the most common bicycle repair and maintenance issues. We can help you fix flat tires, weak or malfunctioning breaks, adjusting your gears in case they do not shift correctly, and many other issues. You learn how to fix it and become more independent from expensive repairs.

In summer, you can use our outdoor facilities for a proper bike wash.

All the tools you need

We have many specialised tools, including:

  • bottom bracket tools
  • cassette tools
  • wheel truing stand
  • cone wrenches
  • dropout adjustment tool
  • rear derailleur hanger adjustment tool
  • compressor and air pumps
  • and many others…

Spare parts and lubricants

In addition to knowledge and tools, we also have a huge amount of spare parts flying around. These usually come from old bikes. So if you need a spare part for some old bike with a standard that does not exist any longer, there is a chance we have it. 

We also stock a limited amount of new basic spare parts (chain, break wires, cable housing, etc.) that you can purchase cheaply.

Lubricants are important for bicycles. We offer a range of basic lubricants, such as chain oil and grease.