Cykelköket is a non-profit organization (the Swedish legal form is called “idéell förening”). We therefore depend on contributions from the community. Would you like to help out?

There are two ways in which you can: Donating and volunteering.


We take donations in forms of used bicycles, bike parts, and monetary contributions in exchange for a membership fee (regular fee 100kr, which includes a bike). We take donations from individuals and organizations, such as housing associations (“bostadsrättsföreningar”).

If you like to contribute, contact us or directly visit us during opening hours. If you or your organization has many bicycles we can arrange meetings outside our regular opening hours. There is also the option that we arrange pickup, although that usually involves cost on our side (renting a trailer, etc.).


We are always in need of volunteers who can help out. Currently, we seek help with the following:

  • Kitchen chefs (“Köksmästare”): You help running the bike kitchen during opening hours, incl. mechanical assistance to our visitors. You don’t have to know anything about bike maintenance and repair, but be willing to learn-by-doing (and YouTube!).
  • Marketing/Content Creation: We need volunteers for marketing and content creation. The tasks can include anything from posting on social media or updating the website, to taking pictures and filming videos, or working out a communication plan. Our current capacity for marketing and content creation is 0(!)—any help is appreciated!
  • Organising: Running a non-profit takes some organising, too. We are looking for new and motivated members to join our board, who can bring in new energy and directions.